Eberron-Titan's Gate

Lanthiums Journal Part 2 - Changling on a Train
These entries are getting longer.


So Nomer isn’t here anymore. He left last night. Raven told me that he was called back to the city. Apparently he has important work to do, but he wanted me to stay and see that Doria received and read the message. Apparently he thinks I don’t have a life and will do his job for him. Funny thing is, he’s right, I have nothing better to do. At least not right now. And Raven is still with me so at least I have someone I trust with me for whatever crazy shenanigans we get ourselves into.

It’s time to leave go outside and find Doria. I wonder if Vimes and Sam are still around.


Doria read the message, and our job is done. Now we’ve been hired on to escort her to the city of Sharn. One job leading to another makes easy money, so we all agreed to go with her. I don’t know what the message said but it has something to do with a necklace she owns. Thankfully, the Boulder hasn’t smashed it…. Yet.

Speaking of the Boulder, he offered to carry her all the way to Sharn. Luckily, all the excitement of being held hostage by a doomsday cult hasn’t affected her brain at all, and she preferred taking the train from the nearby city of Passage. Though I wouldn’t mind sitting on Sams shoulders, considering if nothing else it would be easier for me to write.

On a completely related note; writing while walking is a pain and I’ve tripped over quite a few cracks in the path, so I’m going to stop now.


After arriving in Passage, we’ve stopped in a tavern to buy a round of drinks to celebrate being in a town that doesn’t want to run outsiders out of it to hide the fact their leader wants to destroy the world. Since then we’ve wandered around, gathered supplies, did some sightseeing, and now have left Doria’s side for a bit to get our train tickets, which she kindly paid for.

I don’t think I’ve actually spent a single gold piece since leaving Korranburg.

Now we’re waiting on Sam to get his ID, because apparently an undead creature from who knows where (A tree surrounded by smaller trees according to the picture he drew for the officials,) doesn’t have an ID. And also doesn’t look out of place. A gnome took care of his papers while a shifter shifted from his white haired self to a human looking guy with long hair for some reason then said he’d never forget a face.

Shifters are weird.

In any case we’re about to leave, since he’s almost done. Never been on a train before, so this should be an experience.


This train is amazing. The technology put into this… the arcana that makes it work is phenomenal. I’ve never seen so much metal and smoke and lightning sparks. There are different cars for different things, such as the engine room, the dining hall, the sleeping quarters for rich and poor people (because the rich pay extra to be segregated from all those wonderful people without money.) They even have security features on the windows and I assume other places. I haven’t even looked into all of that yet.

Oh right, we’re on an adventure.

Everyone has checked into their rooms and Doria is safe as usual. We’re doing such a great job, and she should be thankful… That nothing bad has happened. Our journey from Blackroot has been rather uneventful.

Raven and I sitting together at the moment in the dining car, chatting and people watching mostly, though I’m also writing. Vimes just walked in and sat down with us, though he’s not as casual about the people watching. He’s taking this job seriously, which is admirable considering the rest of us are so relaxed. Must come with being an officer of the Talenta Plains, looking so serious and grim.

It could also be that they put Yoshi in storage… Poor dinosaur.

Speaking of people watching, we have a halfling who is either doing a very bad job of looking happy or a really good job of being angry. Either way, Raven is making fun of him to me. There is also a human girl who looks to be of House Deneith, fancy clothes and all. A golem in the corner is tinkering with things and I’m tempted to go over and introduce myself if only to see what he’s mak-

Raven just pointed out the construct dog to me. That may be the closest I ever come to finding an animal that can talk.

… Nevermind, it just barked. How disappointing.

There is also another man, seems of good upbringing but I haven’t placed him yet. Vimes, Raven and I are trying to figure him out but all I can guess is that he’s a Lord of some sort. The most curious in the room is a lady sitting quietly in her one space, wearing a veil over her face. I can’t even tell her age. Vimes seems extra suspicious, I assume because police never trust a person who’s face they can’t see. Actually… I don’t think they trust anyone.

Anyway, we’re getting tired, or in Ravens case since she doesn’t actually sleep, bored. It’s late and we might as well head off to sleep. My quarters await.


“Don’t eat my head.”

That’s what I thought of sitting up and saying when I woke up to the feeling of teeth on my cranium. Other thoughts that went though my head were “What is eating my head?” “What should I do about the thing that’s eating my head? Should I hit it with Ravening Thoughts? Would that hurt me too since it’s close to my head? Our heads are practically connected. Maybe I should knock it over with my staff… Nah, I’m not strong enough for that, this thing looks big and creepy and has a tentacle head. Memory hole sounds good, that way it forgets what it’s doi… Why am I thinking so hard about this THERE IS A ZOMBIE EATING MY HEAD!”

Then I hit it with Memory Hole.

The zombie flailed around a bit and, since it could no longer see me, shouted out in confusion. That’s when I figured out, because I knew it’s voice, that it was the FRICKEN DUSTMITE!

Boulder Brain’s insipid shouting garnered the attention of other passengers in the train. The first of these, a lady who honestly looked like a lich and almost got a staff to the face, threw the door open yelling to know what was going on. Other passengers joined in, including one of the train employees, all screaming back and forth about what the hell Sam was doing in my room. Which he insisted was HIS room. And that he didn’t know what was going on.

Thank goodness Raven is still traveling with me. She’s letting me sleep in her room for the night. Considering Eladrin don’t sleep she can keep an eye on the door to make sure Boulder stays out. Because if he doesn’t, he’s getting force punched out the window after I invade his mind and Raven bites his eyes out…

Now that I’ve calmed down I realize I should have concentrated on grasping any lingering arcana to decide whether or not Sam was telling the truth. And was that really a Lich? Is that normal? I mean, when I stumbled into Raven’s room ranting about that crazy undead bastard, Raven gave me a weird look at first, and then just started laughing.

Thanks Raven, you’re a pal.

But in any case, I wouldn’t have expected Sam try to eat me. I don’t think any of us would. Unless they had a Dragonmark… Maybe that’s the real reason Nomer left, and the returning to the city was just an excuse. Anyway, mind control could be a possibility. Sam obviously isn’t that bright… I’ll talk with Sam about this later. Raven has resumed meditation and I don’t want to disturb her with my incessant pen scratching. She’s already been kind enough to let me sleep here with her, listen to my angry story, all the while helping me bandage my head. Best not to push my luck and be kicked back into my room.

Which the Boulder is probably still in.


First things first. Sam and I had a quick discussion about the whole head eating thing. Despite not remembering the incident at all, (probably because I pack a pretty mean Memory Hole,) and blaming me for having a tasty brain, he promises not to try to eat it again. I also made him promise not to try to eat any of my friends, which led to him arguing about not knowing who my friends are. Which in turn led to me telling him he couldn’t eat anyone without me saying they weren’t my friend and giving him permission to. So the first persons I made sure he can’t eat after myself is Raven, Nomer, Doria, Vimes, and Yoshi.

Speaking of Vimes he told me he set up a little alarm system on his door with string and stuff. I’ll have to ask him how he did that so Sam doesn’t try to eat me again. He says he’s a man of his word but if it was mind control, I can’t expect him not to try it.

I wonder who would even want to get me killed… In such an odd way too.

So we’ve eaten and are wandering around the hallway outside our rooms. Doria is still fine. In the past 12 hours I’ve been too caught up in my own issues to pay attention. Thankfully Vimes is dutiful enough to keep track of these thi-

Emergency. Apparently bandits are attacking. My party is discussing helping out. Vimes wants Yoshi to be brought out of storage in exchange for our assistance. I think that’s fair.

Off to fight some bandits.


We failed. Doria lies dead. Vimes sword is the murder weapon, and now we’re being interrogated. This may very well be my last entry before I’m hauled off and executed. Either that or Sam will go crazy and eat everyone’s heads, and then this book will take a very morbid turn.

If the former happens, I, Lanthium Kalastarro Thall `Anum, wish that this book be returned to the Korranburg library and be put on display as the rantings of a crazy Kalashtar who’s going to haunt Nomer for roping me into this.


Crisis averted. For now anyway. Raven and I are back in her room making preparations to hunt down a changling and solve a murder mystery.


That fight on top of the train was terrible. At least for me.

The door to the inside of the train was locked behind us and security systems engaged. This would have been fine except there was one thing I didn’t discover yesterday in my childlike exploration of the trains hardware.

They have electric spark turret defenses. I got hit by them. Twice.

Boulder had fun though. He hijacked a disk-like metal flying vehicle one of the bandits were riding and tore through them. Raven blinded them and I hit a few with dishearten before Sam literally threw himself and a bandit on top of me, making me fall to the ground. Luckily for him he made up for it and all was okay… Because the fight pretty much ended when the Boulder got up, picked up said guy, hit him against one of said turrets, and sent both said things flying off the side of said train. Better than a force punch, and all the bandits who were still alive saw this and rightfully fled before he did it again.

The only thing I can remember Vimes doing was losing his sword, which was very unfortunate for our escorted party member.

After the fight ended the attendant that sent us up came to the door and apologized profusely about the lockdown. He didn’t know that would happen. Side note: Who hired this guy? They should fire him. In any case, he ran off to go open the doors but we decided to break and enter. We were impatient after that fiasco.

And that’s when we discovered Doria’s body. Back to the door, message in her hand.

Before any of us could grasp the entire situation, that Golem from earlier burst in with the robot dog in tow. He saw the body, and promptly accused us all of murder. Apparently, Vimes burst into the dining hall saying that he was going to murder someone. This happening while he was also locked out on top of the train fighting bandits off. After telling his story, everyone, even Sam and I, and especially Raven, pointed out how utterly ridiculous that was and how stupid he was being. The dog barked a couple times and I think he was agreeing with us.

A bit of payback on his part, he turned out to be a detective, and decided to let us know how foolish our battle on the top of the train was. The electric turrets would have taken care of the bandits easily without our help, which brings up the question as to why we were sent up there in the first place. The Boulder, surprisingly, has come up with a pretty good plan, which makes me think he stole my intelligence when he was chewing on my head. I may not actually be joking about that.

I need to hurry this up. Preparations are done, everyone’s waiting, and Raven is throwing quills at me. We figure a changling posed as Vimes, stole his sword, and murdered Doria with it. We’ve decided to help in the investigation to clear our name, avenge our employ, and help Vimes to stop being extremely annoyed with the fact he’s been accused of murder. Not to mention he might have possibly been the last person Doria saw before she realized she was being stabbed by her trusted bodyguard. Poor guy’s outside the room right now looking really glum.

Time to search the train.

Lanthium's Journal - Khyber's Harvest
This was harder than it was supposed to be.

(Fair warning, this will be long.)


So my name is Lanthium Kalashtarro Thall `Anum. And I hate writing my full name. It takes forever.

Thus begins my journal. I won’t have many books to read out there in the grand old wilderness, so I figure I’d start writing one.


Let’s start this off then.

I’m in the company of an old family friend of a few gnomes who I’ve known for most my life named Nomer, and a fellow student and friend of mine named Raven who I met when I attended college. A gnome artificer and an eladrin warlock, respectively. I myself am a psionic Kalashtar.

Together we are trekking all over this crazy world in search of some woman named Doria Veledaar, who I don’t much care about, but who Nomer needs to deliver a message to in the isolated town of Blackroot. I assume because he likes to get paid for delivering messages to random women halfway across Khorvaire in towns that apparently hate outsiders.


Nomer seems used to traveling, but I certainly am not. I’ve tripped over three twigs, six rocks, four holes in the ground, and one particularly angry squirrel. Raven has had slightly better luck. I’d make a joke about tripping over Nomer, but that didn’t actually happen. At least not yet.

(I know he’ll probably wind up reading this, so I wrote that there for him.)

We’ve made camp for the night. Nomer and Raven are asleep, and I have second watch. I should be paying attention and keeping an eye open for signs of trouble, but I’m bored. If anything bad happens I’ll just blame it on Kalashtar madness distracting me. They’re used to that excuse by now.

So far, leaving Korrenberg has turned out to be a good time, if a tad uneventful. I wouldn’t trade my companions for anyone, they keep me entertained with their constant short jokes and eye bite puns. It’s a good thing we all get along, though I can’t help but wonder how entertaining a little drama might be.

It’s about time to wake up Nomer for his turn at watch. Maybe he’ll read my book. If I disguised it as a magical trinket anyway.


Hey, what do you know, we met some people! A little human girl named Annette, a halfling named Vimes and a… whatever that thing is. He just calls himself the Boulder. Nomer calls him the Pebble. Raven calls him the Dustmite. I call him ugly, since he’s undead… I think. I do hope he doesn’t read this, though he seems to take the jokes well enough.

Oh, we met some goblins too. They don’t matter though. They were being mean to that girl I mentioned. So we killed them.

It was my first real battle that wasn’t training or… Well, I wasn’t really a fighter back when I was a kid, so that doesn’t count. In any case, the goblins weren’t bright and the fight was surprisingly easy. Though the Boulder almost fell in a hole during the battle.

See guys! I’m not the only one who trips over things in the woods.

Annette was from Blackroot, and was running away from something she was being vague about. I hate it when that happens. It’s so cliche and is a plot device in almost every story I’ve ever read. Regardless it raised concern in the ranks, so after taking her back to the village and reluctantly handing her over to authorities, we talked with some of the villagers. One of which happened to be the mayor of the village named Toraash. He was about as vague and unhelpful as every single other person in the village, and he had a goofy title, so now we’re sitting in Doria Veledaars house contemplating our next move.

Oh, by the way. Doria isn’t here. Hope that letter isn’t weighing Nomer down too much.

There is blood spatter along the floor and walls of her house and furniture is out of place. Everone is investigating in their own way. Boulder boy is out terrorizing the neighbors because that’s how you win people over. Nomer and Vimes are still searching the house. No idea where Raven went. Something is amiss, and I sense something arcane that seems off.

Okay. Vimes wants to hang Toraash. I assume because Toraash calls himself a Reeve, whatever that is. Got to go tell him why that’s a bad idea.


Rushing this update in case I wind up dead.

Last couple of hours have been rather life or death. Lots of fighting and yelling. People are dying. Rock Thing broke a necklace it turns out we needed. Raven flashed some guardsmen. Nomer has a new knife. There was a really cool but evil looking giant eye that I felt compelled to tell Nomer to shoot an arrow at. I almost drowned too. That was embarrassing.

Vimes never did hang that Reeve.

We’re in a cave now. Some undead thing is talking. I’m not really listening. Something about gates opening and a great daelkyr evil being sealed away.

I’m sure Nomer will tell me all about it later. Been too busy writing.

Hey, that undead guy is giving us items, maybe I should pay attention…



Okay. So we’re back in the village. And we’re all alive. Given the last battle I’m not sure I believe it myself.

From the beginning. We inspected most of the cave. There was a lot of glyphs explaining the evil that lie at the bottom that luckily I was able to decipher and explain. Our party journeyed to the end of the dungeon only to actually find that Veledaar lady. Huzzah! We could finally deliver that letter.

Except there was also a small army of cultists holding her hostage, led by Toraash, so big surprise. Next time Vimes wants to hang someone I’m just going to keep writing my book. Oh, not to mention the giant arcane gate in the process of opening a portal to Xoriat, the Realm of Madness, which would unleash hordes of evil creatures into the world, and villagers trapped in crystals being sucked into said portal so it could do said opening to destroy said world.

Delivering mail is hard work.

I’ll give the Boulder credit, he didn’t waste time with Toraash and his incessant jabbering. I think the cultists were thrown off when they got charged at by an angry maybe-undead barbarian thing that eats dragon marks for snack time.

That distraction bought Raven enough time to push the thing holding Doria hostage away from her, and that in turn allowed Nomer to summon a pet to drag her to safety. While Vimes and the Boulder went head to head with Toraash and his horde of pawns I was able to sneak through the battle, picking off a few stragglers, and settle near the portal in an attempt to understand and hopefully stop it. Since the villagers were dying and turning into monsters I figured it was a top priority.

Using super magical psionic mind powers, (and that’s all I’ll say about that,) I was able to disrupt the arcane link between the crystal traps and the portal to stop the villagers from dying two by two. Thankfully Vimes sent his dinosaur to look after me. I don’t think I mentioned it yet. But Vimes rides it. It’s really neat. Apparently he’s a cop from Talenta and they all have dinosaurs.


Keeping the portals energy in check bought the rest of my party enough time to wipe the floor with Toraash. It was an awe inspiring battle a bard would love, filled with heroics and close calls and…

Okay, I admit it, I was too distracted with the portal to even pay attention to what was happening behind me. Besides throwing a spell or two back to try and blindly help I didn’t notice much. They could have been dancing for all I know. Hope I didn’t hit anyone important.

After the battle was over the Boulder ran over to help. In one well placed and probably lucky blow, he destroyed the portal.

Doria and Annette were alive, and so were the rest of us. There were a few casualties within the village numbers, but as much as that bugs me, Nomer assured me that you can’t save everyone. Just do what you can I suppose.

After that fight everything sort of blurred together. We made our way back to the surface, the villagers were considerably happier and threw a celebration in our honor. Pretty backwater and boring I’m sure. I would have liked to stay and observe, maybe watch Raven dance like a lunatic, Vimes look out of place, the village kids play with his dinosaur, Nomer look short, and the Boulder get avoided by the people he scared to death earlier. However, after all that happened, I just wanted to shut myself up in one of the available houses and rest for a bit.

Of course, a little bit turned into all night, and now it’s the next day. I think Raven and Nomer came to check on me at one point, but I can’t be sure. Hell if I know whether or not Nomer gave Doria that message yet. Guess I’ll find out when everyone else wakes up. And if all it says is “Beware of Reeve,” I’m going to force punch someone… I don’t know if Vimes and the Boulder are sticking around but I’d like to continue having their company. Things certainly picked up once we all met at any rate.

Crazy random coincidences I swear.

Khyber's Harvest
A gnome, a psion, a fey, a barbarian, and a halfling riding a dinosaur all conveniently meet in the woods....

Plot Summary

At the town of Blackroot hidden on the edge of the Eldeen Reaches something strange is afoot. The citizens are uneasy, and many of the villagers are missing, including one Doria Veledaar, a human whom Nomer d’Sivis has been tasked with delivering a message to (aided by friends Lanthium – a kalashtar psion, and an eladrin warlock named Raven). Vimes, the Talenta halfling cop, and his dinosaur have also been asked to find this woman on behalf of the Sharn Watch. The Gatekeeper barbarian, Sam, travels to Blackroot to investigate sightings of his most hated enemy, aberrations.

PCs find the source of the evil, a cult dedicated to a daelkyr lord, and learn of their plan to use the souls of the villagers to open a gate to Xoriat, realm of madness, and allow the armies of the aberrations through. They meet Krom, a long dead Gatekeeper who was one of the very ones who helped place the Dimensional Seal there in the first place, and, newly equipped with weapons and armor passed down from the Gatekeepers of old, the heroes put a stop to Toraash’s plan, rescue Doria, and save the remaining villagers from their crystal prisons.

Misc Notes

This is a modified version of the actual adventure Khyber’s Harvest if you want to check out the differences. I swear I had to fudge that first skill challenge SO MUCH. Probably should have just let you get run out of the town :P


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