Eberron-Titan's Gate

Khyber's Harvest

A gnome, a psion, a fey, a barbarian, and a halfling riding a dinosaur all conveniently meet in the woods....

Plot Summary

At the town of Blackroot hidden on the edge of the Eldeen Reaches something strange is afoot. The citizens are uneasy, and many of the villagers are missing, including one Doria Veledaar, a human whom Nomer d’Sivis has been tasked with delivering a message to (aided by friends Lanthium – a kalashtar psion, and an eladrin warlock named Raven). Vimes, the Talenta halfling cop, and his dinosaur have also been asked to find this woman on behalf of the Sharn Watch. The Gatekeeper barbarian, Sam, travels to Blackroot to investigate sightings of his most hated enemy, aberrations.

PCs find the source of the evil, a cult dedicated to a daelkyr lord, and learn of their plan to use the souls of the villagers to open a gate to Xoriat, realm of madness, and allow the armies of the aberrations through. They meet Krom, a long dead Gatekeeper who was one of the very ones who helped place the Dimensional Seal there in the first place, and, newly equipped with weapons and armor passed down from the Gatekeepers of old, the heroes put a stop to Toraash’s plan, rescue Doria, and save the remaining villagers from their crystal prisons.

Misc Notes

This is a modified version of the actual adventure Khyber’s Harvest if you want to check out the differences. I swear I had to fudge that first skill challenge SO MUCH. Probably should have just let you get run out of the town :P



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