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Now then, info on Eberron:

A summary of the “Ten Things You Need to Know” from the Eberron Campaign Setting (things 7-10 that you need to know are to be continued. Deal with it!)

1. If it exists in D&D, it has a place in Eberron: Eberron is a world full of unexplored lands, ancient mysteries, and lots and lots of mad science magic. If it’s D&D (and most of the time even if it’s not), then chances are that there’s someplace, somewhere to fit it into Eberron, though it will probably involve a twist or two, as Eberron has a rather unique flavor to it.

2. Tone and Attitude: Eberron is medieval fantasy mixed with swashbuckling adventure and a dash of pulp noir and steampunk. Thus, some have described it as being “dungeon punk”. Things are never as they seem in Eberron and alignment is just as fuzzy. Good and evil are more like varying shades of gray.

3. A world of magic: Eberron is a world that has advanced technologically from your traditional medieval fantasy setting. This was done not through science, but through the study and refinement of low-level arcane magic. The first airships are starting to roam the skies, propelled by living air or fire elementals. In villages, magewright blacksmiths weave magic into their tools to improve their product’s quality. The Twelve Dragonmarked Houses provide services both magical and mundane based on their particular field of specialization. Magic is everywhere and is a part of daily life, but often only for those who can afford it. While magic is everywhere, skilled practitioners of the art are a rare and valuable commodity.

4. A world of adventure: You’re gonna adventure places

5. The Last War has ended-sort of: The Last War was a war among the five human nations of the continent Khorvaire that began over 100 years ago and ended only two years before the campaign began. This means that chances are your character fought in the war or was in some way affected by it. The mark of this war is still felt throughout the land and its citizens. Though the countries are at peace, it’s an uneasy one. Another war seems to be inevitable.

6. The Five Nations: The Five Nations are the main civilization on Khorvaire, and was once the single, prosperous, kingdom of Galifar (not Galifrey) before the Last War erupted. It’s made up of Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karnnath, and Thrane. Cyre, however, was destroyed four years prior to the campaign’s start by an event called the Mourning, which has no explanation and no cause. The fear of another possible Mourning occuring is what ultimately led to the Treaty of Thronehold that ended the Last War.

Eberron-Titan's Gate

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